Change to the trading conditions for Nano accounts


We are happy to inform you that the latest server performance optimization allowed us to improve the trading conditions for Nano accounts. Please note that from 30.11.2020 the following changes will be applied for all Nano accounts Parameter Current New from 30.11.2020 Max order volume lots 10 100 Maximum Volume in Lots Of Orders lots 250 1000 Max amount of open orders 25 50 Max amount of pending orders 25 50 Max total volume across open positions per instrument lots 10 No Limit Use centdenominated nano accounts and learn how to operate effectively on the FX market with minimum risk or test your strategies in a relaxed environment. There is still no minimum deposit requirement for trading on a cent account just fund your account with any amount and start trading! You can find detailed trading conditions for all types of accounts in the corresponding website section. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please dont hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Support team that is always happy to help. Contact us via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, online chat, via Skype only in call format, by sending an email to email protected, or by phone on 44 8449 869559. Yours respectfully, Alpari


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