Introducing Lower, unified minimum trade sizes


Here at eToro, our declared mission is to open the financial markets to everyone, everywhere. Therefore, we are constantly taking steps to manifest this vision and make trading and investing on our platform more accessible and user-friendly. As part of this mission, we are introducing new, lower minimum trade sizes.

The new minimum trade sizes

Asset Class New Minimum Trade Size
Stocks $50
ETFs $50
Crypto $25
Currencies $1,000
Commodities $1,000
Indices $1,000

The way things were

eToro has evolved and expanded tremendously over the years, and with each new territory, we have had to adjust and tweak our offerings to match local regulations, audiences and available instruments. Therefore, minimum trade sizes varied in different locations and for different asset classes. In addition, the distinction between CFD positions and ownership of underlying assets also had an effect on minimum trade size. Well, no more!

Getting the maximum out of the minimum

We realise that the minimum trade size may serve as an entry barrier for some users who wish to diversify their portfolios, or to explore new markets. Moreover, it is important to us that users around the world have the same easy-to-use experience on the eToro platform, no matter where they are. Therefore, we have lowered the minimum trade size and made sure that it will be exactly the same everywhere around the world.

One important thing to consider is that the minimum trade size takes leverage into account. For example: The minimum trade size for oil (commodity) is $1,000, but this does not mean that you need to allocate $1,000 of your funds to open a position. Using leverage of X10, you can invest as little as $100 and open a position on oil. However, please note that leverage carries a higher degree of risk, as both losses and gains are multiplied by the leverage factor.

We are certain that these new minimum trade sizes will enable our users to further diversify their portfolios and make their eToro experience even more enjoyable.

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