Argo Blockchain builds mining capacity as crypto prices surge higher


The directors consider Argo to be one of the most efficient miners in the sector and well placed to capitalise on the increase in the price of Bitcoin

Peter Wall, chief executive


What it does

Argo Blockchain Plc (LON:ARB) is listed on the main board of the LSE and focuses on the mining of cryptocurrency.

Crypto mining is the process of using powerful computers to solve complex mathematical equations and validate transactions on a decentralised ledger system known as a blockchain.

These transaction ‘blocks’, once they are completed, reward the miner with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for their efforts.

Argo uses large banks of computers to mine large amounts of cryptocurrency which can then be sold for fiat money.

How it’s doing

Argo reported higher revenues and wider mining margins over November, with the firm highlighting “extremely exciting” developments over the period in the cryptocurrency sector.

In an update, the digital currency miner reported an average monthly mining margin of around 57% for November compared to 40% in October, while revenues generated for the period rose to £1.48mln from £1.2mln.

Over the month, Argo said it mined 115 Bitcoin of Bitcoin equivalent (BTC) compared to 126 in October, a decrease it attributed to changes in mining difficulty and a halving of digital coin Zcash on November 17, which made the crypto harder to obtain. This takes the firm’s total amount of BTC mined in the year-to-date to 2,369.

As at the end of October, the company held 178 BTC, while its mining capacity totalled 16,000 crypto mining machines.

Inflexion points

  • Expanding mining capacity
  • Rising price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Adoption of blockchain and crypto could push prices even higher

What the boss says: CEO Peter Wall

“This has been an extremely exciting month for cryptocurrency miners. We have seen the value of Bitcoin climb exponentially to over £14,000 as investors and payment service providers are turning their interest to cryptocurrencies.”

“At Argo, we are continuing to prioritise efficiency in our mining operations and this has enabled us to increase our revenue by 23% this month and achieve our highest mining margin since the halving earlier this year”.



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