Crypto withdrawal fee update


Starting from today the fee applicable to withdrawals in Bitcoin and Ether has been updated to 30 USD, while the fee for the investment delivery to the blockchain is now [30 CHF 1% x investment value]. Dukascoin withdrawals to blockchain remain free-of-charge.

Following the recent launch of the offering to store DUK staking programs on clients’ external wallets, Dukascopy is further expanding this possibility by applying it to DUK stakes with EUR reward. Identically to stakes with coin rewards, for EUR reward stakes stored on the external blockchain wallet of the client Dukascopy will pay an extra reward as high as 10% of the stake amount for a 1-year staking program and 8% of the stake amount for a 3-month staking program. See the dedicated webpage for more details.

An exceptional offer to get 100 DUK as a one-time reward for every transferred Coin reward and EUR reward stake to an external blockchain wallet is offered to clients only in 2020. Due to the manual processing of such requests and the upcoming Christmas period, clients should be informed that such transfers can only be executed during working days in Geneva and at the latest on the 24 December 2020. Exceptions may be made if agreed in advance.

Starting from 2021, clients will be able to select between all the possible reward types, stake terms, and storage options directly in the MCA interface.


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