How Many People Have Been Vaccinated for COVID-19 So Far?


As the COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer start to roll out across America and the rest of the world, it would be nice if we could somehow keep track of all the people who have bravely decided to get injected. 

You know… see what the doctors see in real-time, rather than have to wait for them to tell us what’s really going on. 

Wonder no more, as Bloomberg has now created their own online tool to fulfill our wishes: A special tracker made just for the COVID-19 vaccine. Here is what the web page says as of 3:30am UTC today:

“The first COVID-19 shots have been given to more than 2.1 million people in six countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. It’s the start of the biggest vaccination campaign in history and one of the largest logistical challenges ever undertaken.

Vaccinations in the US began Dec. 14 with health-care workers, and so far 614,117 doses have been administered [across 41 states so far], according to a nationwide tally from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Those numbers are expected to surge in coming days with the distribution of a second vaccine by Moderna Inc. Bloomberg is also tracking doses at the state and territory level to give a picture of how the rollout is going nationwide.”

But Bloomberg decides to go above and beyond by providing us with even more information…

  • Vaccination numbers for other countries: Canada, Israel, Russia, the UK, and China (with more countries to be added soon)
  • A complete timeline of the research and development process for the companies behind the world who have a COVID-19 vaccine approved (or getting close to doing so)
  • All of the contracts secured by pharmaceutical companies with governments worldwide (i.e. how many doses are being delivered, and how much they’re getting paid)

(Fun fact: It seems as if Canada has reserved enough doses to vaccinated 400% of its population – 4 TIMES the required amount to get two full doses of the Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to every single person in the country.)

There’s not much more to say, other than this is a VERY useful tool to have on you. 

Bookmark it, check it once a day, and see for yourself how the world willingly takes a vaccine with questionable safety data!

I’m curious to know: When it comes time for you to take the COVID-19 vaccine, will you do it? Why or why not? Reply to this newsletter and let us know where you stand!

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Set for Authorization in Europe

To date, the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has been approved in the following countries: USA, Canada, the UK, and Bahrain.

We may be getting to the point where the ENTIRE European Union will be able to get the vaccine, according to breaking news from MarketWatch:

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use made the recommendation, and the European Commission is expected to review it and make a final decision in the ‘near future’. If authorized, this would be the first COVID-19 vaccine available in Europe. 

Today is a particularly personal and emotional day for us at BioNTech,’ BioNTech CEO Ugar Sahin said in a statement. ‘Being in the heart of the EU, we are thrilled to be one step closer to potentially delivering the first vaccine in Europe to help combat this devastating pandemic.’”

What’s really interesting to note are the shares of both companies: While Pfizer has barely moved at +0.2% for the year 2020, BioNTech is up 212%. Very odd, but it’s interesting to note how the lesser-known company is the one benefitting the most with respect to their share value.


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