XM Donates to Dompet Dhuafa


The Covid19 pandemic is still affecting poor communities around the world the most. Many people forced into destitute from the effects of the pandemic on global economy, find themselves unable to sustain, support and protect their families. In our bid to help people in dire need, and as one of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we have donated to Dompet Dhuafas MelawanCOVID19 Come Together Against Corona charity project to help provide food, health services and sanitation to Babakan Pasar Village, Central Bogor District, Bogor City, West Java. Dompet Dhuafa is an Indonesian Islamic nonprofit organization devoted to empowering the poor through philanthropic activities. Their mission is the creation of sustainable services that facilitate the independence of sustainable communities. Their vision is to create an empowered world community through service, advocacy and justice. We remain committed to helping as many of the less fortunate around the world as possible, and we will be supporting even more people, their families and their communities in the immediate future. If you feel that you would also like to contribute to Dompet Dhuafas cause, then you can visit their website here.


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