2020 the year of brightest moments


Now, we all know that 2020 was unique, to say the least. Everyone felt the turmoil of this year. Still, today we can certainly say that we all worked hard to make every day beautiful. As we prepare to turn the page, lets look at some of the 2020 highlights. We promise to show you what this year was really about being together even when we had to stay apart. If you dont know how 2020 started for FBS, youre missing out! With years of relentless work, FBS proved to be an incredibly trustworthy and ambitious broker. This year we found an equal partner with the same drive FC Barcelona. Two major brands collided together to create a truly global partnership. Of course, we knew that all this became possible thanks to our amazing traders, so the first thing we did after becoming the official trading partner of FC Barcelona was to give back to the trading community. Several lucky traders got a chance to go to the FC Barcelona games and win a jersey, signed by the team! That was an incredible experience! Thank You, FBS Family! Speaking of our traders, in 2020, the most amazing FBS family grew even bigger with two million more traders from all around the globe, our number has reached 16 000 000! And it keeps growing, stronger than any trend could. Of course, we also have to celebrate our partners, this year their number surpassed 550 000! Our partners have been working extremely hard this year despite uncertainties and restrictions in many regions due to the pandemic, they were…


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