Hot new FBS Level Up Bonus with 140 for trading


FBS is ready to launch a new bonus for traders, where $70 or $140 will be deposited into their Bonus account! It’s completely free of charge and the conditions are extremely simple. To get the Level Up Bonus, the trader needs is:

1. Get the Bonus in the FBS Personal area. If you were using the FBS – Trading Broker app, $140 will be deposited into your account. If you were using the web Personal area, $70 will be deposited into your Bonus account – double it by installing the FBS – Trading Broker app and signing in.

2. Confirm your email and connect your Facebook page

3. Strengthen your trading knowledge with our educational materials and show us what you’ve got!

The last step is, of course, to start trading! You have 40 days – trade for at least 20 days and make short breaks, no more than 5 days. After the Bonus is over, you can transfer your profits into your Real account, so good luck. We believe in you!


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