The Dukascoin hits 2.50 EUR per coin


Just two weeks ago, the Dukascoin reached its all-time high price of 2.00 EUR per coin. Today, Dukascopy Bank congratulates its clients and partners with a new achievement just before New Year’s Eve. At the moment, the coin trades at 2.52/2.60. This dynamic brings confidence that the coin has much potential for further price growth.

The Bank is happy for those early adherents who believed in the Dukascoin’s future and invested into it in the very first months. For example, those who had acquired their coins at their lowest price of 0.6 EUR per coin in September 2019 have already quadrupled their investments in 16 months. Taking into account the participation in the DUK staking programs and thus being rewarded with up to 100% of the placed coins, their return on invested funds is about double the quadrupled amount.

Even though the actual rewards for taking part in staking programs were lowered since then, it is still possible to receive up to 70% of the return for a 1-year stake, which is extremely attractive and thus drives the price upwards.


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