Amazon’s on Their A-Game!


Yes, the e-commerce giant had a record-breaking holiday season, delivering over 1.5 billion electronics, home products, beauty products, and toys. And that wasn’t without giving back. Sales from third-party sellers on the marketplace were up by 50% year over year, and that’s worldwide!

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday in particular, independent, third-party businesses saw a 60% year-over-year increase in sales with a total of $4.8 billion. Regardless of your feelings towards Amazon, this is great news overall for the e-commerce market which struggled majorly this year due to the pandemic.

The tech giant has hired over 400,000 new employees this year with 100,000 of those coming in from last October. That means Amazon has surpassed the 1-million-employees mark (as of October), which is up by 50% from 2019. Walmart, which has 2.2 million employees, better watch out (even though they’re desperately trying to compete with lookalike services to Amazon).

Fulfillment capacity is up 50% this year and they spent 57% more on shipping ($15 billion) in quarter three alone compared to 2019. 

Do you think it’s a good idea for small businesses to sell on Amazon? Hit reply and give us your thoughts!

WTH Do We Do After the Pandemic?

It’s the question everyone’s asking, but afraid to say out loud. Surely, this is on a lot of startup founders’ minds this year, with the question looming about how post-pandemic innovation is going to spring to life. C’mon founders and genius high school dropouts, we need your “aha moments” to start poppin’ off!

We are starting to see a lot of innovation that’s focused on reducing friction. Kinda like how we’ve seen remote work turn communication into virtual collaboration opportunities, we’re gonna need to see the same “frictionless movement” in the education, fitness, and mental health spaces.

Removing friction could also be looked at in regard to inclusion, a biiiiiiiig topic of discussion for us last year. Are POCs going to have more room at the table when raising seed money this year? Will we see hacker houses pop up (post-COVID) for women? And where the hell are we going with remote work? It looks like more and more companies are seeing the advantages to keep things permanent, but there are still those stragglers holding on to the physical office space for dear life…

One thing’s for sure. Founders are gettin’ more ballsy with their ask from investors. Instead of coming with major innovations for change, we’re seeing even the simple side hustle raise funding from investors to turn it into a full-blown company. Are VC-ers gonna take the bait? Only time will tell.

What are your predictions for how we’ll innovate post-pandemic? Hit reply and give us your feedback!

Easy Tips to Get More Clicks

Wondering why your CTRs (click-through rates) suck? Maybe it’s because no one is reading your emails in the first place! There, there young grasshopper, you can’t be perfect at all avenues of marketing. But email still remains the most profitable to leverage, so make sure your audience is actually clicking “open”.

The magic is in the subject line, something you should always write first. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Remember, some people are reading on iPhones, smartwatches, tablets, desktops, and so on, so not all of them will see the same length of the subject line. For mobile, you want to focus on the first 25 to 30 characters, and for desktop, you want to focus on the first 60 characters.

Basically, if you can’t say it in six to eight words, say something else.

Take a note from any good copywriter’s handbook. Filler words should go out the window. Clear, specific, necessary words are, well, the only ones that are necessary. Logical keywords are always good to think about too if someone is searching or filtering through their inbox.

Looking for a response? Say so in the subject with something like “response needed” or “answer ASAP”. 

Personalization in the subject line always rules along with creating urgency or asking a question. 

What emails get the best open rates for your list? Hit reply and share what you’ve noticed!


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