IQ-AI says interest in its liver technology continues to increase; progress being made in all areas


IQ-AI Ltd (LON:IQAI) said interest continues to increase in its liver surface nodularity (LSN) platform as the med-tech group provided a wide-ranging assessment of its portfolio.

Driving interest in the technology, which has regulatory sign-off both in the US and Europe, is its ability to perform virtual biopsies to help assess chronic liver disease for a large patient population.

The company said the sales and marketing teams of the company’s channel partners were trained on LSN platform.

“While trade shows and scientific meetings are still conducted virtually due to the pandemic, the Company will be launching a series of marketing campaigns in the first quarter to help accelerate trials and adoption of LSN,” IQ-AI added.

Elsewhere, the group said its collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to develop IB Trax is at the point where the team has “begun translating the desired workflow into software requirements and specifications”.

IB Trax is being developed to assist the assessment of metastatic brain tumours; however, IQ-AI believes that the initial version will form the foundation for streamlining the assessment of other cancers and pathologies.

In the update, investors were also told IQ-AI’s ‘Gad Free’ technology is about to embark on the next round of validation testing, which includes subjecting the algorithm to a comprehensive testing protocol.

They also heard that new releases for its IB Clinic and StoneChecker software are planned throughout the year.

“Sales of products and especially those optimised for treating primary brain tumours will continue to be a priority in 2021,” the company said.

IQ-AI’s automated and quantitative processing options available in IB Clinic continue to gain interest at leading cancer centres, it explained.

There are currently six US-based sites arranging for trials of the technology with additional sites in Europe evaluating IB software via channel partners, it said.

In the statement, chief executive Trevor Brown said: “We are operating at a time of rapid innovation where the development and clinical translation of medical AI solutions will provide a paradigm shift in routine clinical practice, resulting in improved patient care. The company is optimistic that substantial progress will be made in all these initiatives during 2021.”


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