Improved swaps are now available on MT5 and MT4 EUR accounts


Dear Clients! We are pleased to announce that premium accounts with improved swaps are now available for MT5 and MT4 EUR accounts. Negative swap fees will be 30 lower on premium accounts, while positive swaps will be 30 larger. Improved swaps will be available for currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies. You can activate them in your Personal area by going to the Trading section and selecting the Swaps 30 tab. When the tab opens, select your trading account and click the Apply button. Please note that accounts with improved swaps are available for clients with VIP account status only. Click here to learn about the benefits of the VIP account status and how to obtain it.   What are the advantages of improved swaps for traders? The improved swaps service allows you to cut costs when holding your position overnight, which, in turn, reduces the load on your deposit in the longterm trading. Open more longterm trades and grow your profits with AMarkets! OPEN ACCOUNT ADD FUNDS


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