Advanced Oncotherapy shows potential to treat resistant cancers


Advanced Oncotherapy PLC (LON:AVO) told investors it has demonstrated the potential capability and superiority of its LIGHT technology in “biologically enhanced particle therapy” to treat resistant cancers.

This is a group of cancers that are responsible for most relapses and one of the major causes of death in cancer, it noted.

It noted that the findings build on research at the Mayo Clinic which demonstrated the benefits of combining proton therapy with targeted small molecule damage repair inhibitors.

Developers at the Mayo Clinic have named this new process for “biologically enhanced particle therapy”, or LEAP.

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“Innovation in cancer is occurring at a pace never seen before, which has resulted in many technological breakthroughs,” said Jonathan Farr, Advanced Oncotherapy chief operating officer.

Farr added: “Following the ground-breaking results published by the Mayo Clinic, LEAP represents another paradigm shift in cancer treatment.

“This highlights the role of proton therapy in combination with specific DNA repair inhibitors as a technology-enabler for personalised treatment based on the patient’s tumour biology.”

“Our LIGHT system, due to its smaller beam size compared to legacy systems and its ability to deposit a greater level of radiation damage in a micro-target volume, is ideally suited to accelerate this trend and to further contribute to the development of personalised medicines.

“This is exciting news for patients with resistant cancers.”


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