Zoetic International says CBD products pass Food Standards Agency administrative check


Zoetic International PLC (LON:ZOE) said its novel food application for its cannabidiol (CBD) products has passed a Food Standards Agency (FSA) administrative check carried out across the industry.

The application was made in conjunction with the European Industrial Hemp Association’s (EIHA) Novel Food Consortium, which confirmed the FSA’s green light.

It means Zoetic’s products can remain on sale in the UK.

Official validation will be granted pending the results of toxicological studies on CBD, expected in the coming months, the company added.

Co-chief executive Trevor Taylor said: “The FSA’s regulation marks a pivotal moment for the CBD industry and Zoetic welcomes the agency’s efforts to protect consumers from CBD products that do not meet the necessary standards.

“We submitted our application with EIHA, a highly respected European industry association, and are thrilled that the submission has passed the initial check and we are now one step closer to full validation.

“As always, we are committed to rigorous quality assurance processes at every step because our success as a company is indivisible from the quality of our products.”


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