AEW UK REIT claims court victory over unpaid rent during lockdown


AEW UK REIT plc (LON:AEWU) was today claiming a victory over two more listed companies that refused to pay rent during lockdown when their premises were shut by the government.

In October, the REIT reportedly took Cineworld PLC (LON:CINE) to court over around GBP300,000 in unpaid rents even though the cash-strapped cinema chain had been closed for months.

In a statement today, the trust said: “AEWU has always made it clear that it will take legal action against tenants if required, particularly well-resourced companies that it believes are able to pay their rent and have sought to take advantage of government legislation intended to protect financially vulnerable tenants.

The trust added that in this latest case the court had ruled in its favour against the two tenants and ordered that rent due for the periods claimed must be paid.

The total amount to be recovered pursuant to the legal action is GBP602,489, it said.

In addition, AEWU added it will be writing to the tenants to claim the outstanding rent arrears since the claims were issued and intends to seek repayment of its legal fees.


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