Grow Group to launch cannabis patient app in UK


Grow Group Plc subsidiary Grow Pharma has agreed on a deal with Australian technology company OnTracka to launch a free cannabis patient health monitoring app, CALYX, into the UK, the Channel Islands and Ireland. 

Pierre Van Weperen, Grow Pharma’s chief executive said: “Grow Pharma is currently fulfilling around a third of all prescriptions for the UK’s medicinal cannabis patients.

“Our prominent role gives us a significant advantage to building data insights into how patients are managing their health.

“This is integral to pave the way towards increasing access for patients in the UK through providing doctors with confidence around the safety and efficacy of these products.

“Using the app will generate important insights to provide real-time evidence to doctors and regulators.” 

The CALYX app is a Grow Pharma branded version of the OnTracka app founded by stage four cancer survivor and social worker, Chad Walkaden. 

Walkaden, OnTracka’s chief executive, said “CALYX aims to change how Cannabis Patients navigate their healthcare with the same impact as Google Maps revolutionised navigation of the world”. 

Grow is currently raising £6m of capital with will the funding round scheduled to close at the end of June. Grow has three business units: Grow Pharma, Grow Trading and Grow Biotech all of which are focused on securing patient access to cannabis medicines.


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