AMD wins contract to provide protective nanomaterial films for military eyewear


Advanced Material Development (AMD) has won a contract to develop protective films integrated into special eyewear from the US Department of Defense.

The contract is with the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD, formerly CTTSO).

Based on its photonic crystal superlattices and nanomaterials technology, AMD said layered meta-material films and coatings can provide a low-cost, tuneable solution that filters specific wavelengths of light whilst retaining transparency across the remaining spectrum.

AMD said the IWTSD contract will fund its development of laser filtering coatings based on its nanomaterial and photonic crystal technologies.

John Lee, chief executive officer of AMD, said: “It is another very exciting step for AMD to receive an even greater level of interest from the US Department of Defense.

“Interest from the US DOD continues to demonstrate AMD’s ability to deliver innovative solutions to the growing challenges of today.”

As well as protective eyewear, these stable, thin and flexible films and coatings can be adhered or applied to a range of substrates for applications including electro-optic protection for cameras and anti-laser dazzle coatings for commercial aircraft.



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