MGC Pharmaceuticals applies for cannabinoid brain disorder patent


MGC Pharmaceuticals Limited (LON:MXC) submitted a patent application in Europe for a cannabinoid drug delivery formulation that increases doses to the brain.

The initial application for the self-nano emulsifying cannabinoids-ionic complex concentrate drug delivery system (SNEDDS) has been submitted to the Slovenian intellectual property office, with the company expecting a patent to be issued within the next twelve months, according to a statement.

SNEDDS enables the administration of higher concentrations of CBD (at 100-200 milligrams per ML) needed for the treatment of neurological conditions at increased bioavailability.

Roby Zomer, managing director of MGC Pharma, said: “The acceptance of this patent could be transformational for patients who need treatment and therapeutic relief from neurological diseases.

“The new IP will not only improve MGC Pharma’s current formulations, including our phytocannabinoid-based drugs CannEpil and CogniCann, but potentially provide more affordable medicines for patients as a result of the more efficient use of resources in formulations.”

“The submission to SIPO provides MGC Pharma with the right to file further applications in multiple jurisdictions and treat people and patients suffering from these conditions on a global scale.”

MGC added that the patent application sets out the formulation of the SNEDDS, the method of manufacture, and its capacity for enhancing stability, solubility, and bioavailability of drugs designed for multiple neurological therapeutic applications.


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