Spectra Systems technology cleans COVID-19 from banknotes, study shows


Spectra Systems Corporation (LON:SPSY) said laboratory tests demonstrated that its Aeris banknote cleaning process also deactivates Coronavirus (COVID-19) to below detectable limits during the one-hour cleaning cycle.

The company said several central banks have expressed interest in whether Aeris could deactivate the SARS-2 virus as well as remove soiling.

The tests were conducted at Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) in a Biosafety Level IV facility using straps of Canadian polymer banknotes as well as USA dollar and Indian Rupee banknotes.

Previous tests have shown Aeris not only cleans banknotes and reduces replacement costs, but also disinfects banknotes from other pathogens including enteroviruses and bacteria.

Dr Nabil Lawandy, Spectra’s chief executive, stated: “We are pleased that our collaboration with Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories has produced results that bring a new value proposition for our Aeris technology.

“With the new SARS-2 Delta variant producing spikes of new cases in the UK and worldwide, we are proud to be the company that is facing this head on with solutions that not only save taxpayers money, but also increase their public health safety.”

He added that the company believes that Aeris, in addition to its newer patented technology for disinfecting banknotes using heat and oxygen-free environment, “makes us the only company in the world with proven solutions for central banks, commercial banks and casinos”.


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