Grow Group ‘is about getting quality cannabis medicines to patients’, says CEO


has launched the UK’s largest-ever cannabis crowdfunding campaign as it looks to raise GBP3.2mln to help scale up operations.

The company, which as one of the largest importers of cannabis medicines in the UK supports over 1,200 patients each month, is using the platform for the fundraising.

Grow said it has generated GBP2.3mln in revenue in the year to 20 July from its operations across all key areas of the cannabis medicine market, from developing patentable technologies used in the production of cannabis medicines, to improving the efficiency of supply chains and educating health care professionals on the benefits of prescribing cannabis medicines.

Chief executive Ben Langley said: “We want Grow to be a pillar of the UK’s burgeoning cannabis medicine sector, and to be a future leader in the global cannabis medicine market – that’s why we’ve announced this community crowdfunder today.


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