ANGLE looks to change the game for cancer detection


After (, , ) announced its second pharma services contract with an undisclosed drug development company that broker Finncap said, “illustrates the value of embedding its Parsortix technology into early drug development programmes”.

Under the contract, Parsortix will firstly be used to develop two custom assays to look at biomarkers of DNA damage repair, for which it will be paid roughly US$0.4mln and if successful the validated assays will be used for longitudinal analysis in a subsequent clinical trial next year.

With ANGLE also confirming that it is in discussion with the company for separate assay development projects this opens up the prospect of further revenues, the broker said, reiterating its 175p target price.

“Once again this demonstrates the revenue opportunity for ANGLE pre-FDA clearance for Parsortix, which we anticipate during H2 2021.”


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