Allergy Therapeutics trading ahead of expectations


(, ) has announced a favourable outcome of a test of its peanut allergy vaccine candidate, “VLP Peanut”.

The study, which took place at Imperial College London, evaluated the group’s short-course VLP (virus-like particle) Peanut and aimed to demonstrate the vaccine candidate does not elicit an allergic reaction in patients upon dosing.

The study resulted in a successful primary outcome, with the trial demonstrating a significant 24-fold reduction in basophil (a type of white blood cell) activation and histamine release after blood samples were challenged with VLP Peanut compared to a recombinant peanut extract, signifying the hypoallergenic potential of the vaccine candidate.

These positive clinical findings add to the group’s strong pre-clinical research package, which has demonstrated sustained immunologic protection following peanut exposure after just one single vaccination, Allergy Therapeutics said.


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