Hurricane Energy thwarts illegal attempt to call an EGM


As if Hurricane Energy PLC, whose shareholders have been diluted almost out of existence by its restructuring, did not have enough problems, it now has people passing themselves as directors.

The company said it has been contacted by certain entities and individuals, who claim falsely to have authority to act on behalf of the company and who have, without legal basis, purported to appoint a Mr Rizwan Hussain and other entities as directors of the company.

These mysterious parties, which include Hussain, FVS Investment Limited and Saret Holdings, filed a spurious claim against Hurricane’s (real) directors at the High Court, Hurricane told investors today, but the claim was thrown out.

Hussain, FVS Investment Limited and Saret Holdings have been ordered to immediately and permanently cease to take any steps to purportedly appoint or remove (or cause or encourage anyone else to purportedly appoint or remove) anyone as a director, officer or adviser of any of the company or its subsidiaries.

Hussain also contacted the company’s registrar purporting to call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). Hurricane said Hussain has no legal right to call an EGM.


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