Nanosynth Group sees big opportunity from nano-materials as it pushes ahead with refreshed strategy


Nanosynth Group PLC (), the company formerly known as Remote Monitored Systems, is to claw back some money spent on a recalcitrant mask manufacturing machine.

The group said terms have been agreed with Lemu Group, the supplier of a mask manufacturing machine to Pharm 2 Farm Limited (the company’s main subsidiary), to return the machine to Lemu.

The agreement is a recognition that despite the best efforts of Pharm 2 Farm (P2F) and Lemu to overcome technical issues with the machine, it has not been possible for the machine to perform as originally expected.

Lemu will repay EUR180,000 to P2F by the end of next month. The remaining EUR66,000 of the EUR246,000 that has been paid to Lemu will be paid contingently upon a re-sale by Lemu of the machine to a third party, with the intention being that this is achieved by the end of this year. Egremont Capital has been appointed to assist with the sale, for which they will receive a commission.


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