WeWork to offer pay-as-you-go office space in UK


WeWork has gone one step further than everyone when it comes to flexible working.

The office space provider is planning to let customers rent desks on a pay-as-you-go basis, as it tries to cater to people who need a break from home working.

A desk will be available for GBP45 per day in the UK, while meeting rooms will be priced at GBP15 per hour. Spaces can be booked via a dedicated app.

The service will also be available in Ireland, Singapore and Australia after a successful rollout in North America.

“Now more than ever, flexibility is of utmost importance to both businesses and individuals as they navigate a new world of work,” Samit Chopra, WeWork’s chief operating officer, said.

“We’re providing more workers with the choice and tools to decide how, where, and when they want to work.”

The initiative follows the launch of a monthly subscription that allows customers to access any of WeWork’s offices worldwide, as the company reckons people are looking for a bit of variety in the working week.

In March, the US outfit announced a SPAC – special purpose acquisition company – deal with Bowx Acquisition Corp worth around US$9bn. It means it will be listed on Wall Street by the end of the year.

It will be the second time it tries to go public, after botching a US IPO that would have valued the company at US$47bn (GBP34bn), which was followed by the ousting of founder Adam Neumann.


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