Bezos-funded start-up hoping to extend human lifespan to set up in Cambridge – report


Altos Labs, a start-up that hopes to extend human lifespans and is rumoured to be backed by Jeff Bezos, is setting up a research lab in Cambridge, the Telegraph reported, citing the MIT Technology Review.

The company has picked the university city as one of several research hubs and embarked on a major drive to bring academics on board. It is reportedly offering specialists salaries of around $1mln a year.

Altos Labs set up a UK arm of the business in June, according to the Telegraph, citing Companies House filings.

The start-up is also expected to establish research centres in Japan and San Francisco, as part of a push to develop technology that can essentially revitalise animals, using it to rejuvenate cells and ultimately prolong life.

Academics who join the company are expected to be looking into how cells age and what could be done to reverse that process so that tissues become younger.

According to the MIT Technology Review, Altos Labs has already received backing from early Facebook investor Yuri Milner and Jeff Bezos, who recently stepped back as chief executive of Amazon. His office did not respond to the magazine’s requests for comment.

Bezos has also invested in Unity Biotechnology, which aims to “extend human healthspan, the period in one’s life unburdened by the disease of ageing”.

MIT Technology Review said Altos Labs had raised at least $270m from investors since it was formed late last year, in a sign of the significant appetite there is in the market for such businesses.


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