KR1 invests in DeFi lending protocol specialist Minterest


KR1 PLC (AQSE:KR1) has invested US$350,000 in Minterest, a decentralised finance company focussed on borrowing and lending protocols.

In return the company will receive a yet-to-be-determined number of MNT tokens – which are digital assets related to the Minterest platform.

“The decentralised finance ecosystem is expanding at a rapid pace, thus it is important to always be pushing the envelope and improving in order for DeFi to move truly mainstream,” said KR1 managing director George McDonaugh.

“Minterest has engineered a great long-term model because everyone gets their fair share of the rewards the protocol generates.”

Minterest has developed its own on-chain liquidation and buyback mechanisms designed to distributes to users the value it captures from interest rate, flash loan and liquidation fees.

Additionally, the system also includes a buyback mechanism that allows users to receive protocol revenue on top of underlying borrow and lending rates.


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