Carmakers in swinging 60s comeback with micro Citroen EV and Mini Moke revival


Reboots of cars that had their heyday in the 50s and 60s are coming back to the UK, including a reboot of the Mini Moke and Citroen’s new electric version of the bubble car.

Moke, the beach-buggy style originally based on a Mini chassis, will have production moved from the France to the UK under a new deal that reflects an apparent revival of demand in the 60s icon.

Moke International relaunched a limited edition of the petrol-fueled car last year, based on British engineering but with construction in France.

But the company said Northampton-based Fablink will now take over all production.

“Since reviving the marque we have recaptivated existing enthusiasts and introduced an entirely new generation to Moke’s perfect combination of fun, utility and open-air thrills,” said Moke chief executive Isobel Dando.

“This has been reflected in significant demand from our home market, affirming our plans to light up beach resorts around the world through the global market introduction of the ultimate waterfront-to-beach house vehicle.”

Starting prices for the Moke begin at GBP20,000 for a 1.1-litre engine and 68mph top speed.

Meanwhile, the new 2.4m-long electric Ami, which takes its inspiration from the Citroen 2CV, is to be launched in the UK has a top speed of 28mph but will sell for around GBP5,000 in the UK.

The French carmaker launched the quadricycle to be sold under the ‘voiture sans permis’ regulations, which allow drivers aged 14 and up to drive without a licence.

Citroen UK received “unprecedented customer demand” this year, with around 12,000 Brits reported to have expressed an interest in buying the model, leading to parent Stellantis deciding to launch the micro-car over la Manche.

A licence will be required to drive it in the UK.

The Ami’s electric motor is powered by a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in three hours from a standard electric socket and has a range of 43 miles.

Citroen suggests the Ami is “a modern solution for modern mobility needs, like nipping around cities or popping to your local supermarket with zero fuss”.


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