UK lottery winner could become an instant retail or football tycoon


Never mind buying a monochrome football club, the winner of tonight’s EuroMillions national lottery jackpot could receive enough to buy a well-known high street retailer.

An estimated GBP172mln could be won if the winning ticket number is held by a single individual, reports suggest.

That would make it the biggest UK lottery win of all time, surpassing the GBP170mln won by someone (who wished to remain anonymous) in October 2019.

The GBP172mln would be enough to buy Card Factory (LSE:CARD) PLC, valued at GBP167mln, outright. The new owner could then make a few bob selling “Congratulations on your lottery win” to friends and relations hoping to share in the winner’s good fortune.

No celebration is complete without cakes, so how about acquiring Cake Box Holdings PLC (AIM:CBOX) for GBP150mln?

Results from the specialist retailer of fresh cream cakes this week were very well-received but never mind the financial performance of the group; just think about getting first dibs on the cakes!

If pastries are more your thing, Finsbury Food Group (AIM:FIF) PLC comes with a GBP121mln price tag.

Alternatively, for a different sort of celebration, The City Pub Group PLC looks a snip at GBP123mln while Petra Diamonds (LSE:PDL) Ltd is only slightly more pricey at GBP152mln.

Virgin Wines UK (AIM:VINO) PLC at GBP106mln is cheaper but there is always the danger that owning it would entail meeting Richard Branson at some point …

Some lottery winners get extremely nervous after coming into so much money. I say “extremely nervous” rather than the phrase I’d prefer to use but you’ll get the gist when I say that Accrol Group Holdings PLC (AIM:ACRL), the toilet roll maker, might be a worthwhile purchase at GBP158mln.

Who knows? Another panic buying session of loo rolls might be just around the corner.

Moving into a big house in a swanky new area and then moaning that you never see any of your old friends is a must, so acquiring Foxtons (LSE:FOXT) Group PLC, the GBP152mln-valued estate agents would be almost logical.

Once ensconced in their new house the winner could nab Topps Tiles PLC (LSE:TPT) for GBP125mln for the inevitable bathroom upgrade.

If the winner is really set on buying a British football club then there really is only one choice. That’s not a tribal football reference; it’s a statement of fact relating to the paucity of London-listed British football clubs.

Having said that, the club is a former winner of the European Cup and there are not many British clubs that can say that.

So, if the lottery winner is from the green half of Glasgow, perhaps a takeover of Celtic PLC, valued at GBP100mln or so, is not so implausible as some of the other suggestions in this list.


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