ReNeuron hails “clear pre-clinical proof-of-concept” for exosomes technology


ReNeuron Group PLC (AIM:RENE) has published what it describes as “extremely compelling” data that provides “clear pre-clinical proof-of-concept” that its exosome drug delivery technology can effectively deliver therapeutic proteins to the specific region of the brain affected by neurological diseases.

Work carried out by the University of Salamanca, Spain, assessed whether the stem cell-derived technology could carry its payload to the corpus striatum – a region of the brain affected by stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease.

The scientists found that the therapeutic exosome-based combination delivered therapeutic protein at “a functional activity level much greater than that seen when simply supplying the protein alone”.

“The in vivo results are key in showing that ReNeuron’s exosome delivery technology offers a striking higher stability, more targeted delivery, and an increase in potency, therefore potentially solving the delivery issues that can be experienced with therapeutic proteins,” the company told investors.

Chief scientific officer, Dr Stefano Pluchino, said he was “delighted” with the “extremely compelling data”.

“These data are the foundation of one of the main corporate programmes at ReNeuron and highlight the possibility to deliver other payloads using the same principles and technology platform, providing improved tissue distribution and specificity,” he added.

“This exciting strategy could potentially be used to deliver single therapies or multiple therapeutics with exosomes, enabling a number of exciting next generation precision medicine approaches.”


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