Playboy acquires Dream as it accelerates plans to rival OnlyFans for creator-led content


PLBY Group Inc has struck a deal to acquire content-creator social media group Dreams as it seeks to accelerate a new platform that is taking aim at adult entertainment unicorn OnlyFans.

Playboy, one of America’s oldest and most traditional provocateurs, is paying just US$30mln in shares to acquire Dreams, which is expected to provide digital capabilities for its ambitious high-tech future.

The company intends Centerfold to be a ‘creator-led’ service and will include multiple potential revenue streams, as well as a cryptocurrency angle, with reports suggesting the new platform will include the use of NFTs and perhaps may include the ability to tip content creators using Bitcoin, as Twitter recently introduced to its social network.

Centerfold may launch during the coming weeks and months, with PLBY targeting a Q4 start.

According to reports, Centerfold will provide subscription-based revenue streams, along with tipping, paid-for direct messaging, paid-for meetings with content-creators, along with merchandising and e-commerce collaboration with Playboy and its brand.

“Our new creator-led service, Centerfold, will build upon Playboy’s long history providing leading voices with a safe platform for creative expression. Centerfold will serve as the home for the world’s top creators to interact directly with their fans and to expand their communities and commerce businesses,” said PLBY chief executive Ben Kohn.

Dream co-founders Mike Dow and Mike Berman, in a statement, added: “We’re very proud of Dream’s product and technology foundation and team, and our ability to quickly serve as a scalable platform for a brand and creator network as significant as Playboy’s.

“We’re thrilled to join Ben and the whole Playboy team on a mission to build the most innovative tool-kit and the safest service for the world’s top creators.”


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