Amryt Pharma extends patent protection on key products


Amryt has extended the patents on its lead development candidate, Oleogel-S10 and its recently acquired commercial product, Mycapssa.

For Oleogel-S10, a treatment for skin condition EB, the US patent office has issued a new formulation patent to Amryt, which will be listable in the Approved Drug Products or “Orange Book”. This patent will expire in January 2039.

If approved Oleogel-S10 will have four Orange Book-listed patents.

Mycapssa, an oral treatment for acromegaly, meanwhile has received a new US patent covering ‘methods of administering oral octreotide with certain oral contraceptives’.

This patent will expire in December 2040 and also will be listable in the Orange Book, making eight patents for Mycapssa with patent protection through December 2040.

Joe Wiley, Amryt Pharma’s chief executive, said “We are always working to develop and extend our IP portfolio and today’s news further illustrates the robust IP protection enjoyed by both our commercial and development assets.”


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