Tesla rolls back updates on ‘full self-driving’


Telsa Inc has rolled back the updates on its latest full self-driving car, removing all the full-self driving capabilities, following concerns over safety from those involved in testing its latest version.

Elon Musk announced the changes on Twitter on Sunday after the latest ‘10.3’ beta updates had been released over Saturday night and Sunday morning.

By Sunday evening, Musk tweeted that the updates had been experiencing some issues and that it would temporarily be rolling back to the previous 10.2 version.

Some of the changes included introducing driver profiles that can swap between different characteristics for following distance, rolling stops or exiting passing lanes.

The update was also intended to ensure the car was better equipped to detect brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights from other vehicles, along with reduced false slowdowns and improved offsetting for pedestrians.

However, many of the testers complained about false crash warnings (FCWs).

FCWs will be of concern to Tesla and Musk, as these reduced the Tesla-graded ‘safety score’ so low that the feature will not be allowed to remain in the beta.

Testers also raised concerns on several other issues about, such as a disappearing Autosteer option, traffic aware cruise control problems, and occasional ‘AutoPilot panic’.

It has not been announced as of yet which issue, if not all, was the reason for the roll back.


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