Sotheby’s metaverse auction pulls in US$17mln as it heads towards a close


Sotheby’s eight-day long metaverse auction seems to be heading towards a successful conclusion.

Out of the 53 lots that were up for auction, five so far have been sold for over US$1mln, with the most expensive non-fungible token (NFT) selling for over US$3.6mln.

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Many of the other pieces of art received bids, ranging from US$3,200 up-to US$867,000.

However, there are six lots that were yet to receive a bid as the auction approached its end.

With bidding still open for some of the lots at time of publication, Sotheby’s has already made more than their previous NFT sale back in April.

That auction made US$16.8mln but as of Tuesday afternoon, this latest metaverse auction has taken slightly more at just over US$17mln.


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