Waitrose boosts vegan range with new potato milk


Waitrose is turning to potato milk as it prepares to launch Swedish brand DUG on its shelves.

Soy, almond, oat and pea milk alternatives have seen their popularity soar recently, but their potato-based competitor will “dominate coffee shop menus” in the coming month, according to the upscale grocer.

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“It’s the turn of potato milk”, Waitrose said in its latest food and drink report, as more and more people are ditching traditional dairy products to be more environmentally friendly and to help with animal cruelty.

Shoppers will be able to buy DUG as soon as February, The Guardian reported, competing with Swedish sensation Oatly Group (NASDAQ:OTLY) AB.

DUG, which relies on research carried out by Prof Eva Tornberg at Lund University, is owned by Frankfurt-listed Veg of Lund.

According to Euromonitor, people who are cutting on animal-based products but not following a strict vegan diet already account for nearly half of consumers globally.


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