New fine wine investment platform launched


Cult Wine, a global fine wine collection management and investment company, today unveiled a new fine wine investment platform that opens the door to investors with a GBP10,000 investment.

The company said it wants to make investing in wine simpler and more accessible.

Wine, along with other alternative and passion assets, are not regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority or the US Securities Commission.

“Historically, the wine investment category has been perceived as only for the wealthy, or those with considerable wine knowledge… and [we] are [now] enabling more people to invest effectively while maintaining” their promised services, said Tom Gearing, CEO, and co-founder of Cult Wines.

Since the pandemic began, the company said it has invested in data science and proprietary technology.

Its Vintel tool automatically analyses and allocates wines, and actively manages portfolios, Cult Wines said, with clients able to track their portfolio, see offers specific to them, receive buy and sell recommendations from the Cult Wines Investment Committee, liaise with their relationship manager, deposit funds, set up regular monthly deposits, and explore events and experiences around wine.

“The key to the success of our new platform will be the unique blend of wine knowledge, the expert guidance of our relationship managers, the powerful technology underpinning the portfolio, and the human expertise from our investment committee and portfolio managers,” Gearing said.


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