Mosman Oil and Gas perforates Winters-2 well in East Texas


Mosman Oil and Gas Limited has provided an update on the Winters-2 and Stanley-5 wells in Polk County, East Texas.

The Winters-2 well was perforated from 6,788 to 6,808 feet and was swabbed on the morning of Friday 5 November and started to flow gas, oil and water.

Well testing on Tuesday 9 November from 11.00 to 16.00 saw a flow of 48 to 96 thousand cubic feet of gas per day (Mcfgpd) of gas, minor amounts of oil and 240-480 barrels per day of water. The well is currently shut-in to measure pressure build up, Mosman said.

This Wilcox zone will be flow tested again tomorrow. Note that nearby wells have seen oil production increase in the first days of flowing. If the oil rate does not increase, then the well may be re-completed in another zone. There are several other potential production zones identified on logs with potential pay having been identified in other Wilcox sands, the company added.

Stanley-5 is waiting on the delivery of required equipment, expected next week, before being put on production.


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